I think current focus on the toxic nature of the patriarch has been obvious and prevalent on the world stage. For me, it’s been an ongoing issue. I have massive problems with authority as my own individuality and safety was taken at a young age. I believe it is important to acknowledge when trauma occurs so that one can have a better understanding of behaviors, one’s own inner psyche and have compassion for how and who you have become. Spirituality, for me, is ever-changing and nobody else’s business as far as I’m concerned so whatever truth that we all come to, I believe, we should come to without letting the opinions of others override what we feel in our own knowing. Im writing this with the intention to acknowledge that we all have an inner knowing at all times and it’s our responsibility to tend to that.  On one hand, the patriarch holds power and on the other hand we give away our power to the patriarch then resent them for having power. Without victimizing either side I’m trying to, for my own well-being, see both sides of how the toxicity of this has evolved in my own personal life and in the world. When one is told to be an authority and claim power and material gain before one has met their own soul or inner-desires, it creates a fragmented disassociation and it was put upon them at a young age. When racism and fear of others was instilled just as commonly as one learns the alphabet, we are faced with a psychological disorder that is prevalent. Racism is mental illness taught over and over.  In this basic understanding that these things were given to us and now in the spotlight and on centerstage we can go within and integrate. We can find our own authority. Where do I have responsibility? Where can I be accountable and where can I share? Those who are considered the patriarch may have deep-seated resentment that they were given more responsibility than they wanted maybe why they call everyone a crybaby or maybe why compassion is not their strength. Maybe they were told compassion would make them a weaker being.  As we tear down labels and norms may we also find our part. The minute we give authority to others we take authority away from ourselves.

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