Molly Durand is a professional, up-and-coming session/studio singer based in Los Angeles with an added specialty gift of being able to write catchy Top-lines in a pinch.  Her hit single "You Can't Hide" was featured on AXSTV and XFactor and was commissioned to Molly last minute.   She was given the track and a stylistic direction and then came in with Melody & Lyrics 10 hours later to create a song that has a growing fan-base and consistent revenue.  Molly is able to do on spot 3-6 part harmonies due to her Professional Classical-Choir training.  She has relative pitch and rarely needs any post pitch adjustments.  

Her chameleon -like versatility are hard to believe and exactly what most producers need.  She can go from an Operatic Angelic vocal fantasy line to a Christina Aguilera riff in minutes.  She enjoys writing in all styles too such as Country, Soul, R&B, jazz, blues, rock and folk

Her Solo Artist tracks have sold to TV, several films, commercials and have been a part of live Theater Performances from new Playwrights inspired by her work. 

Her original music can be bought for Film & TV placement.  She is registered with BMI and has the copyright to all her work.

She can be hired on call in Los Angeles for any DEMO or session work she has worked as a Demo Singer for writers at SONY, Columbia, and several other independant companies.  She has a home recording studio and can be hired or comissioned to write new work or jingles. She can also do top line from her studio on any track for anyone outside of the LA area.  Call/email for her rates.  Info on CONTACT page