Contact Molly for Vocal Warm Ups if not in LA

Contact Molly for Vocal Warm Ups if not in LA

Molly Durand has studied voice and worked professionally since the age of 9.  She has learned and experimented with many different styles of singing and extensive classical training, but through her own personal exploration she found her voice in a way that wasn't being taught.  She was asked to coach a singer by a music producer who hired her as a session singer.  That was 12 years ago, and she has been teaching ever since.  


First is always breath.  But not the type of shallow breathing we do day to day.  A singer, no matter their status or experience, must deepen/open/expand their diaphragm daily.  

Second is to release body tension, or at least become aware of body.  The instrument is within the body so that connection is crucial. 

Third is to stretch the voice and throat and buzz/vibrate the face and ear/nose/throat.  Feeling & enjoying the sensations and building a relationship with the voice.  

Fourth is to discover the inside of the mouth, tongue and back of throat.  

Fifth is vowels... ee eh ah ou oo

Sixth is applying the relaxation and understanding of voice from warm up in to an actual song.  This is now also the performance aspect that Molly has a keen eye for expanding.  Through connection to the text and vowel modification the song can be transformed.  This takes guts and vulnerability.


Tremor Technique to deepen breath and release tension in body.  We hold unconsciously so Molly uses physical techniques to unlock these hidden blocks.  The action via physical gets to the conscience quicker than an intellectual approach.  

Vocal warm ups that enhance breath support, open throat, align placement and more fine tuning

Vowel warm up and lecture and then application to song

Ear Training for those in need

Performance and Creation.  MD Studios holds master classes for those interested or those ready for an audience.  Vocal Recording Technique is also offered for those wanting to become recording artists or those who want to start that process.  

MD Studios is in Los Angeles, CA 
$100 per lesson.  Lessons last 45 minutes to an hour. 

$125-$200 to travel to your location

Text or call 323-497-7978 to schedule a lesson.  




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Purchase a vocal warm up that you can use daily! You can purchase this female 15 minute one now or I customize them for each singers needs. Just contact me to give me the details of what you would like and I'll create it for you. Example of types of warm ups: Beginner Basics Vocal Rehab Advanced etc.

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