From the recording BLED TO HEAL

Music & Lyrics by Molly Durand
Produced & Recorded by Adam Traub & Keveen Baudouin


He saw a sunny girl
so in love with love with the world
maybe she could be his out

She had a hidden tear
behind her twirling dance
maybe he could ground her down

Oh a common eye
or a detective Spy
could not have seen what would become

Cuz every wounded child
will one day run wild
when it's SAFE enough to test

There love was once
A ticket to peace
Now just another chapter of woe

cuz when the curtains came down demons danced all around
now their love once honest is vain

and after too many wars
blades drawn
words of swords
came down their
mecca of grace

And all their dreams that they built
a cruel fable now myth
they could not hold the love
that they made
To cling would cause more pain
left to do the hard thing
Let go and feel the hell your now in

Oh the truth
it did come out
a broken man dressed up as a King
Her pain bleed to loud
She could no longer smile through the pain

So in the coming days
as they cleaned up the fray
walking hobbled, battered and torn
Nothing good left to fix
only hate does exist
They're both wearing masques they don't own

He spirals round' n' around
runs back to where he once drowned
He can not clean the blood from his hands

He blames her tears and his fate
No inner-owning he'll make
He jumps from ship to boat till one sails

Sailing out to his Sea of LIES

At night his ladies lost
Roam the halls of his past
In a haunted house they called home

The Sun set with fire
Burning the house
They built to ash

Both Shipwrecked out to Sea
Swimming different ways to different shores to get free
To get free
To get free