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Molly Durnad’s most recent work takes the listener on an emotional journey from the pain of heartbreak through the power of forgiveness and moving on. This latest album has echoes of contemporaries like Florence and the Machine, Emmylou Harris, and Neko Case. However, Mollys voice remains distinctly unique and leaves the listener with the profound notion that her voice is much more powerful than she allows us to experience. The albums unique sound carries tones of bluegrass, Indie rock, and blues. Molly perfectly manipulates her voice to seamlessly blend these vocal styling’s and leaves listeners wondering what she can’t do with her voice.

Molly’s talent is not limited to her vocal abilities. As a writer, she has the unique talent of being able to write to her specific experience but have it be relatable on a universal level. Bookended by two powerful acapella pieces, “Bled to Heal” and “All is Forgiven” hint at the journey the listeners will be taking with this album. The album itself is dedicated to the victims of domestic violence and Song’s such as “Broken Mecca” and “Dancing in my Grave” speak to the emotional journey, both the ups and downs, that victims of domestic violence often experience. The complex nature of such relationships is complimented by the unique and layered arrangements that Molly puts together to convey her personal struggle with the journey of healing. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this album speaks to only a select few, the talent of Molly as a writer makes every listener believe that the song was written just for them. The album progresses towards the final acoustic ending proclaiming forgiveness but stops a couple of times for a few surprises. Jaymee Carpenter lends writing credits to “Written before the End,” a powerful piece that somehow blends the foreshadowing of loss with a beat that makes one long for the power ballads of the early 2000’s. With the creative help of Adam Traub and Keveen Baudoian, the track “Na Na Na” is a surprising pop-fueled self-anthem that will lift any hardened soul. At the end of the day, Bled to Heal is the best work to date from Molly Durand and will leave you anticipating what comes next from this creative force.

  • Brian Austin Cupp is currently writing music blogs and reviews in Chicago, IL. He has worked and written for The Chicago Tribune, he has a passion for teaching and music.

BLED TO HEAL Music & Lyrics by Molly Durand Produced & Recorded by Adam Traub & Keveen Baudouin Performed & recorded by Keveen Baudouin, Seth Sylvester, Adam Traub, Molly Durand & Jaymee Carpenter

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