From the recording BLED TO HEAL

This song is dedicated to Survivors of Domestic Violence.


If I had a chance
I'd do it all again
I'd dive back in that storm
and try to sail out clean until the end

Oh If I knew what I know now
I'd proudly jump back in
Spend every penny till I'm lost and blue
with you I'm rich my love

Oh I travel through your ragged woods
your spiral windy roads
Your trusted love I'd be and
lick the wounds and lie and tell Ya good

Oh I see
What I want to see
And I'd hear
What I want to hear

Cuz I don't want to lose you
Oh I don't want to lose you
Ooo oo oo
Ooo ooh ooh

If I had my wits
oh I run so far away
I'd clear your name from every
record book and change my name and face

Oh oh if I wasn't bonded
By your wicked blood and wounds
I would free my self of all your chains
and go back where I stood

Oh but I see what I want to see
And I hear what I want to hear
Oh I see what I want to see
And I hear what I want to hear

I'll rip my skin
And hold my breath
Cast out my Needs
Spill my blood again

And all your hell
I'll bow and take
You held my neck
As I kneel and cry

I love the man
He loved his pain
My forgiving heart
Was his to claim
Now all his hate
I helped to recreate
He ran to save
Our souls from more pain pain pain

Cuz I had to lose him
Oh I, I had to lose him

If I had a chance
I'd take back all those words
I stitch an so up
Every store I made and clean all his mistakes

Oh maybe in another life
We'd know what we know now
We'd start again so wise and full of love
We'd nurture what we had

But I heard what we wanted to hear
And I saw the dream we tried to see
Our love was real
We tried but
Too late to heal.